Apply to register with CNHC

  • Click on the below occupation you are interested in registering for and you will see a drop-down list of professional associations.
  • If you belong to a professional association on the list, click on the link to your association and you will be directed either to a ‘CNHC Request to Register’ form or to the association website with instructions on how to apply.
  • Once completed you must return the form to your association. Do not return the ‘Request to Register’ form to CNHC as we cannot process it.
  • If you do not belong to a professional association, please click here 
  • If you wish to apply for more than one occupation please repeat the above steps. Click here for more details

If you require any further assistance please email

Registration Fees:

The annual registration fee is currently £70 for your first discipline. It is then £10 per each additional discipline (to a maximum of four, after which it is free for other additions). For further information on the cost of registration please see our Fee Schedule 


Procedure for appeals against refusal of registration

Any practitioner whose application for CNHC registration or renewal of registration is refused and who wishes to appeal against that decision is asked to note the steps in the procedure which can be found here.


*If you are a member of British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) please apply to register with CNHC through them. Please note you DO NOT need to register with CNHC before joining BANT as a member. If you are a BANT member and you are not CNHC registered please contact BANT for further information.