Why register with CNHC?

Choosing to register with CNHC brings a wide range of benefits - but most importantly shows to the public that you uphold high standards of practice in your work. Being registered builds trust with your clients, health providers and the public by demonstrating that you “Stand up for Standards.”

The benefits of registering with CNHC include:

  • Public - and growing - recognition of your role 

A joint report from the Royal Society for Public Health and the Professional Standards Authority, Untapped Resources: Accredited Registers in the Wider Workforce, highlighted that “Practitioners registered with CNHC support public health by encouraging their clients to make a range of lifestyle changes. These include improvements to diet and nutrition, support with giving up smoking and losing weight, support with reducing stress, improving sleep, managing pain and other symptoms, as well as overall enhancements to wellbeing. All CNHC registrants are committed to enhancing the UK public’s health and wellbeing.”   

  •  Accredited Register
    CNHC is approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, a body accountable to Parliament. This provides additional assurance that CNHC registrants meet UK-wide standards of patient safety and service quality.
    Click here to read NHS Employers information on Accredited Registers
  • General Medical Council guidance
    Doctors are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers – which includes everyone registered with CNHC.
  • Government support
    The Department of Health has recommended that where people are looking for complementary health practitioners they use someone who is registered with CNHC.
  • Use of the CNHC Quality Mark
    Only those complementary health practitioners who register with us can use the CNHC Quality Mark on their websites and publicity materials.
  • Entry on CNHC's online register
    CNHC registrants appear on our searchable UK-wide register, which has received more than 71,000 searches in the last year.
  • Access to MyCNHC
    All CNHC registrants have access to "MyCNHC" where you can download a wide range of useful resources including personalised leaflet templates and letters to take to GP surgeries. Find out more about "MyCNHC" here
  • London Boroughs Special Treatment Exempted Status
    Our registrants enjoy ‘exempt status’ in most London boroughs, which saves them from needing to apply for a special treatments license. Find out more information here
  • CNHC Newsletter and Blog
    All CNHC registrants receive our free monthly e-newsletter (CNHC Newsupdate) which contains a wealth of information and is sent to all our registrants via email. CNHC registrants can also put forward success stories which could be featured in our newsletter or on our blog. Read previous editions of our newsletters and read our blog
  • Employment opportunities
    We regularly publish details of job and volunteer roles for CNHC-registered practitioners on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Guidance for registrants
    We issue useful guidance for registrants which includes general advertising guidance, specific guidance in relation to the Cancer Act 1939, HMRC guidance and more. Find out more information here
  • Social Media presence
    CNHC is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube