Board meetings take place on a quarterly basis. Click here to view profiles of CNHC Board members

Agendas and papers can usually be downloaded fourteen days before each meeting.

2022 Board meeting dates

In the current COVID-19 circumstances, Board meetings are not open to the public.

Attendance at meetings of CNHC Board
Board meetings are open to the public, though inevitably there are a limited number of seats available. If you are planning to attend, please contact at least a week before a meeting to check availability and reserve a seat.

Closed business
The Board is committed to openness and transparency and has agreed that matters will be discussed in closed business only where the wider public interest requires it. The specific criteria for closed business will be when an item includes:

  • personal data
  • matters of commercial confidentiality
  • discussion of the CNHC's resource plans
  • discussion of risk to the CNHC that might be exacerbated by discussion in public
  • matters of policy or strategy in respect of which public discussion would be premature

Minutes of previous meetings