Policy Statement of Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

1. General statement 

1.1 .  CNHC is committed to equal opportunities in our appointment of Company Directors, appointment of members of the CNHC Professional Committee and members of Profession Specific Boards (PSBs), employment of staff, registration of practitioners and delivery of our Strategic and Operational Objectives. We will make every effort to prevent discrimination against any of our current and potential Company Directors, Committee members, PSB members, staff and registrants on grounds of the following protected characteristics:
a. Age 
b. Disability
c. Gender reassignment
d. Marriage and civil partnership (employment only)
e. Pregnancy and maternity 
f. Race 
e. Religion or belief
g. Sex 
h. Sexual orientation. 

2. Responsibility for implementation 

2.1. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of CNHC’s Board, PSBs and members of staff. 

2.2. Administrative responsibility lies with the Chief Executive & Registrar. 

3. Statement of intent 

3.1.. To ensure the effectiveness of this policy, CNHC will: 
a. provide training and guidance for Directors, appointees and employees, as appropriate, to ensure they are able to discharge their responsibilities in compliance with the law and CNHC’s policy 
b. regularly review employment procedures and practices with a view to promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating discrimination
c. identify possible areas requiring action. 

3.2. Discriminatory actions committed by appointees or staff will be viewed seriously and will normally result in disciplinary action being taken, which may result in removal from the Board or PSB, or dismissal. 

3.3. Any complaints about discriminatory action by registrants will be dealt with in accordance with our Detailed Procedures for Dealing with Complaints

4. Monitoring

4.1. CNHC will monitor the implementation of the policy. This will involve the collection of relevant information and statistics on the composition of: 

  • the Board and PSBs and applicants for any vacancies
  • employees and job applicants 
  • registrants. 

4.2. Any such information collected will be used solely for monitoring purposes. Arrangements will be made to protect the confidentiality of such information during its collection and retention. 

[April 2023. For review 2024]

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