Date: 14 03 2022

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the UK, we are restoring the requirement for in-person training on all courses meeting CNHC’s standards.

Any training course leading to eligibility for CNHC registration must now include the specified number of in-person (simultaneous physical presence) hours between the learner and tutor or supervisor, according to the relevant core curriculum. This is for the components of the course that cover the development and assessment of practical or clinical skills.

This replaces the advice we gave for training organisations on 18 March 2020 which can be found here.

Individuals who during the pandemic have completed, or who are currently completing, a course delivered with online simultaneous presence, with interactive engagement and practice of skills, are eligible to apply for CNHC registration. This excludes those individuals who have completed a solely non-interactive or non-practical course, such as watching pre-recorded content, viewing webinars, or reading paper/electronic text materials.

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