Author: Mike Murphy

Date: 01 02 2018

(The photo above shows me observing taught techniques)

Mike Murphy, CNHC registrant, tells us about training he provided to Therapists at the Merlin Multiple Sclerosis Centre in Cornwall...

I was recently approached by a private client, Melissa King, a high performance Triathlete and the Lead Neurological Physiotherapist at the Merlin MS Centre, about a training opportunity.  Melissa was looking to collaborate with a local therapist with specialist skills to provide further training for the Centre’s therapists.

A wide range of patients visit the Centre on a regular basis, many with Multiple Sclerosis and other long-term conditions.  Many have limited mobility and Melissa wanted the Centre to be able to provide more support to these clients.  I devised a programme including a mix of theoretical and practical ‘hands-on’ training to specifically aid those with mobility limitations.   

On 7th December 2017, I delivered a full day of training to a group of 6 staff including a Neurological Physiotherapist, Melissa King, and several Therapy Assistants including Ash Smith, Sam Williams, Jackie Baigent, Kerry Barrett and Ali Lochri.  I taught safety considerations and contraindications to treatments.  I then focused on Manual Therapy and Massage approaches to address musculoskeletal imbalances caused through incorrect posture for MS and post-stroke patients.  Knowing that many patients are often in wheelchairs, I also included methods for adapting these treatments for seated patients.  

It was a real pleasure to be able to offer advice on the beneficial effects and the differing approaches to massage/manual therapies for these patients.  Melissa and her team were excited following the training and said they couldn’t wait to start putting the new skills they learned into practice.  

When we all work together, we can share knowledge to benefit patients and the public.  I am so pleased that the skills and approaches used for Sports Massage and Sports Therapy can be used to support other healthcare therapists and professionals in different areas of expertise, and it demonstrates how those with different core training can complement each other in providing care and support to individuals with long-term conditions.  

My registration with CNHC demonstrates that I have met a set of standards and agreed to a code of conduct, ethics and performance, which was a strong consideration when Mel approached me for support.  I am very keen to continue my efforts and I hope to be able to offer similar training to other organisations in the future.  

Mike Murphy, CNHC registrant and Sports Therapy Profession Specific Board (PSB) Member