4th February 2019 | News

The Royal Society for Health Public Health (RSPH) Health & Wellbeing Awards, which were established in 2007, are regarded as the premier awards scheme for promoting health and wellbeing. The Awards recognise and celebrate a wide scope of activities, policies and strategies to improve the health of the UK population.

The Awards are defined across seven categories, representing a breadth of different public health projects and programmes. The assessment criteria for the Awards are based on the principles of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and take consideration of five core elements:

  • Building on national public health policy and evidence
  • Creating supportive environments
  • Strengthening and promoting community action
  • Implementing population targeted community engagement strategies
  • Developing a broad understanding of health improvement

We encourage CNHC registrants to consider applying for these awards. The application pack for the 2019 Awards will be available from Monday 18 February 2019. If you are interested in applying for the 2019 Health & Wellbeing Awards, click here to register your interest.