6th March 2019 | News Archive

Our registrants come from a variety of backgrounds and many have different reasons as to why they choose to register with us. With an ever-growing focus on prevention and wellbeing to address the health issues of the nation, we wanted to find out why nearly 30 Registered Medical Practitioners decided to seek additional training in complementary therapies and become registered with CNHC.

Since January of this year, we have been in touch with our practitioners who are also registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) in order to find out more about them. Specifically, we wanted to know why they decided to train in complementary therapies - in addition to their medical qualifications. There is a range of reasons why they chose this path, below are some of their stories.

Adam Carey, CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist

Adam qualified from Oxford in 1998 and went on to become accredited in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, with specialist interests in nutrition and endocrinology. He describes himself as a doctor who focuses on wellbeing and human performance. Since leaving the NHS, he has worked as a Nutritional Therapist to elite athletes and started a business that takes this healthy approach to human performance into the corporate world. As a GMC registrant, he sees regulation as a good thing and the only way to really raise standards – which is why he maintains his registration with CNHC.
Adam commented: “I think it’s really important that the public know where to go to find properly trained, qualified and insured practitioners. All nutritional therapists working with me are encouraged to be CNHC registered as I think it’s essential to bring this credibility into the organisations we work with.”

Kathleen Skinner, CNHC registered Hypnotherapist

Kathleen is trained in Paediatrics and Public Health Medicine but realises that there is more that can benefit patients than traditional treatments alone. She spent several years at the start of her career working overseas doing Humanitarian Aid. Upon returning to the UK she worked as a doctor in the NHS, and after challenges she experienced in her own life, she chose to study hypnotherapy.  She has found hypnotherapy helps her clients get back in touch with their mind body connection and empowers them to take their physical and mental health back into their own hands.
Kathleen commented: “The CNHC was set up with government support to protect the public. As complementary therapies are not statutorily regulated, this oversight of the quality of practitioners is very important to me and essential for the safety of clients.”

Mark Chambers, CNHC registered Hypnotherapist

Mark qualified in 1981 and practised as a GP / GP trainer until 2017 but has been interested in clinical hypnosis and other complementary techniques all of his career. While practising as a GP, Mark trained in several complementary fields and integrated these skills into his clinical and teaching practices. Since retiring 18 months ago, he has been running a small private complementary practice. Throughout his work in General Practice, he has found that clinical hypnosis and complementary techniques are very useful resources, especially for patients who have exhausted mainstream treatments and are interested in exploring how complementary approaches might help.
Mark commented: “As the practice of clinical hypnosis and many complementary techniques are not statutorily regulated, the CNHC is attractive in that it is voluntary and provides some accountability for practitioners and potential clients.”

Emanuele Garbelli, CNHC registered Healer

Emanuele was introduced to healing by a former colleague. Being curious and open minded, he went along to the first part of a diploma training course his colleague was attending. He was instantly captured by the vivid experiences, the accurate feedback, and the rest is history as they say! While researching regulatory bodies, he came across CNHC and the Quality Mark and felt it was essential to register as he wanted to be officially recognised for this additional skill.
Emanuele commented: “As a registered medic I have to go through many hoops with the GMC in order to maintain my license. There was no question in my mind about joining CNHC, as it provides the public with confidence in my training and skills as a Healer.”