25th January 2021 | News


The CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance describes the standards of conduct, ethics and performance expected of all complementary health practitioners on the CNHC Register.

Every month we will highlight sections of CNHC’s Code. January focuses on working with other healthcare professionals. During the COVID-19 pandemic you might be more likely to have clients who have been referred to you from other services, so this is especially important.


Section P3.4: “Working with other healthcare professionals – providing care” 

This section states:
“If you receive a formal referral from another healthcare professional to provide assessment or care for a client, you must report back to the professional who referred the client once you have gained the client’s consent for this to happen.”

Referral means that another healthcare professional has passed accountability and responsibility for the client’s care to you.

When you report back to the person who referred the client it might be useful to include details about your rationale for care, the number of times you provided care to the client, any changes in the client’s state of health, wellbeing or health needs, any assessments or review of care, and any need for the referrer to be involved in the client’s care again.

It is good practice to report this in writing so that the information can be held in the client’s records, and to provide a copy to the client.

If the client consents, it is also useful to provide a report for the client’s GP, even if they haven't made a referral, as they are responsible for the client’s overall health records.

The Code provides some useful guidance to help you with this at pages 36 to 38. All CNHC Registrant will ereceive a copy of our Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance and you can also find it here.

N.B. During the current COVID-19 restrictions in England you can only see clients in their own homes if they have been referred to you by a statutory regulated health professional. That means for example, a doctor, medical consultant, dentist, physiotherapist, nurse, midwife or any other health professional on a statutory register. It does not mean a referral from another CNHC registrant.