This page contains information on the current government guidance for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. First published 24 February 2022. Updated on 21 and 28 March 2022. Updates apear in red text.


The UK Government has published its plan for Living with COVID-19 and the timetable for removing the remaining legal restrictions in England.

From 24 February 2022:

  • You will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19. New guidance will advise people who test positive to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.
  • You will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if you are an unvaccinated close contact. You will no longer be advised to test for 7 days if you are a fully vaccinated close contact. New guidance will set out precautions for reducing risk to yourself and others.

The UK Government guidance for close contact services is going to be updated to include information on the above changes.

Wearing face coverings: The guidance for close contact services on wearing masks and face-coverings was changed on 27 January 2022. You can find further details here.

NHS Test and Trace: CNHC have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace to thank us for supporting contact tracing by asking our Registrants to check in their clients using the NHS COVID-19 app. From 24 February 2022 you are no longer required to ask every client to ‘check in’ by scanning the NHS COVID-19 QR code poster using the NHS COVID-19 app and you should take down any posters you have on display.

CNHC Registrants practising in England should continue to follow the guidance for close contact services.

Northern Ireland

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland is “carefully considering” the UK Government's plans for living with COVID-19. No changes have been announced for Northern Ireland and CNHC Registrants practising there should continue to follow their current guidance. Further information can be found on the NI Direct website.

CNHC Registrants practising in Northern Ireland should also follow guidance on workplace safety and specific guidance for close contact services.

Scotland [updated 19 April 2022]

All covid rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the Scottish Government emphasises that the virus has not gone away.  They state that everyone should use ‘Covid sense’ to help protect yourself and others click here for information

Guidance on steps you can take to reduce the risks of infection and create a safer environment can be found here  

Wales [updated 28 March 2022]

From 28 March 2022 face coverings legally required only in health and care settings. Workplaces and premises open to the public must continue to do coronavirus risk assessments

If the current public health situation remains stable, all remaining restrictions will be removed in Wales from 9 May 2022.

Practitioners carrying out close contact treatments should undertake a risk assessment and consider wearing a face mask and full face visor or goggles.

CNHC Registrants practising in Wales should follow guidance for close contact services and for employers and businesses.