12th May 2017 | News Archive

Four CNHC registered practitioners attended the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA’s) conference on 8 May 2017, alongside CNHC Chair Michael Watson.

The Conference was opened by PSA Chief Executive Harry Cayton who spoke about some of the good work being done by Accredited Registers. He shared that a local government workforce survey had revealed that 75% of local authorities were aware of Accredited Registers and checked relevant registers. He also highlighted that there were challenges ahead and acknowledged that raising awareness amongst GPs remained a challenge.

The Accredited Registers held a breakout session entitled ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ CNHC registered nutritional therapist Carol Granger was one of two speakers at this session and she focused on the role nutritional therapy can play in addressing childhood obesity. She was followed by a child psychotherapist who presented about childhood mental health. CNHC registered Hypnotherapists Kate Beaven-Marks and Caroline Dyson also attended, along with CNHC registered Sports and Massage Therapist Mike Murphy.

Carol Granger commented: “I was really pleased to be invited to contribute to the conference and to raise awareness about the role CNHC registered nutritional therapists can play in supporting healthy weight in children and adults. We had a lively debate in this session and the overall conclusions seemed to be that an holistic, evidence based approach is needed with a strong focus on prevention to avoid future demand on public services.”

Caroline Dyson who runs the Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme said: “I found the conference really interesting. I realised just how important the PSA is in raising awareness of complementary healthcare within mainstream medicine and public health. It also reminded me how useful the CNHC is in providing a level of standard for me to gauge the practitioners who apply to do my Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme.”


Mike Murphy who has been trying to bring his considerable skills in rehabilitation to his local Musculoskeletal services said: “I was delighted to attend the event and represent CNHC. It was encouraging to see that PSA, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and Public Health England (PHE) realise that practitioners on Accredited Registers have an important role to play in supporting the public. I raised a question about barriers we are facing in engaging with local NHS services and hope that we can see a change in this over time.”

Kate Beaven-Marks added: “It was great to be able to meet people from across the accredited registers and to hear from key speakers such as PSA Chair George Jenkins, who closed the conference and said that his own GP is using a broader range of providers within the Accredited Registers.”

CNHC Chair Michael Watson said: “It was a very interesting day, with some useful presentations and discussion from PSA, the Royal Society of Public Health, Public Health England, General Dental Council and the Department of Health. I was very pleased to be able to meet our registrants who were keen to find out more about what the PSA accreditation means to them and how things might progress with the wider focus on public health.”